Thursday, October 22, 2015

Basket Wall Hanging

I've been on the hunt for months now to find an old tobacco basket or grain basket. I have been wanting to reconfigure the wall that our dining room table sits on. Right now it just has that green framed chalkboard on it, and though I have really tried to embrace minimalism, I just can't. It just feels too plain....too much blank space, and I just really like stuff. Stuff and junk just make me happy.

 In my head I can imagine a large tobacco basket in the center of that wall with a Magnolia wreath hanging in the center and plate racks on each side displaying some pretty white plates. I hope you can imagine with me. Doesn't it just sound lovely!

However, with all that being said......I have not been able to find a tobacco basket anywhere and this post has nothing to do with my dining room wall. Scatterbrained, I know. Anyways, I was on pinterest yesterday pinning tobacco baskets and farmhouse walls and pinned this image via ThistleWoodFarms

It's the same idea I want to create with the tobacco basket, but this basket was just a regular basket and I happened to have a serving tray that I got from Target that was very similar (though smaller) sitting in front of me on my coffee table. So instantaneously, with no planning at all, I found a wall and put a nail through it.  

The tray I had was too small to hang on my dining room wall, so it would have to hang somewhere else. In our living room I actually already had this dried lavendar wreath hanging in this spot, but I have thought about taking it down several times, because I thought it got a little lost on the wall in the curtains. Adding the basket behind it, I think, just gives it that extra pop and adds so much more dimension. I am absolutely loving it and kind of mad at myself for not doing this idea sooner. 

My search continues for a tobacco basket or something equally amazing for my dining room wall. But for now, this little basket is satisfying my little farmhouse heart.  

What do y'all think? 



  1. I just saw a tobacco basket in a thrift store the other day. Come thrifting in Georgia, your luck might change! ;)

    1. I'm on my way! lol. My Aunt actually lives near Alanta.....I need to make a visit I suppose!

  2. I just saw a tobacco basket in a thrift store the other day. Come thrifting in Georgia, your luck might change! ;)

  3. I'll check out Lake Charles for you!

  4. I be seen these on Decor Steals or Anyique Farmhouse I think. Where did you get your magnolia wreath. I've seen them but they can be pricey. Love your home , decorating, and looking at pictures of your adorable family.

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