Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Tour Blog Hop

I am so excited to have teamed up with all these amazing ladies for this Farmhouse Christmas Blog Hop. This time of year is my absolute favorite and I always look forward to pulling out all of our Christmas decorations. If I could leave it all up year round, I most definitely would. Christmas time just brings up so many precious memories for me and I just want to relive the magic each and every single day of my life.

This year our budget has been a little tight, so I didn't spend much extra on new decor. Instead I worked with what I had and I have to admit, I think it's the best look I have ever created for Christmas in our home. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

The front porch is pretty simple. I added two faux wreaths with red burlap bows to both windows. My favorite thing is the magnolia garland I added around our front door. I found the inspiration for it from Natalie @hammmadefurniture. Last year she posted a similar garland she made and I just thought it was absolutely stunning. My sister just so happens to have a large magnolia tree in her front yard, so with her permission, I cut some clippings and strung each branch together with floral wire I already had on hand to create this garland. I'm sure it will be dead before Christmas day gets here, but I think it's beautiful while it last.

I also placed a small tree in an old tin bucket and placed it by the front door and then added a few plaid pillows to the rocking chairs. I made the covers for the pillows last year from a table cloth I bought at Target. I bought two tablecloths last year and I was able to make 8 pillow covers out of them. You will see many of them placed around the house in this tour. Pillow covers are one of my favorite things to change out for each season. They will completely transform a room without using a large budget, especially if you can DIY your own covers. 

Stepping through the front door the first thing you will enter is our family room. This year our tree is a faux tree that I picked up for $5 at a garage sale back in the summer. It was already prelit with these multicolored lights. I had actually planned on trying to cut the multicolored lights off the tree so that I could rewrap it with white lights. I originally thought I wouldn't like multicolored lights, but I turned out to love them. So they stayed which was great because it required much less work on my part. The boys helped me decorate the tree with ornaments from mine and my husband's childhood. It's always fun for me to see the boys with ornaments that we got at the same age they are now. Each ornament brings up so many specific memories for me and it just shows how everything comes full circle when I see my boys decorate the tree with them and share with them all the stories. The boys' ornaments also adorn the tree. Each year our Elf on the Shelf brings the boys each an ornament so they will have the same tradition to carry on with their kids one day. 

We also got a little crafty over the Thanksgiving break and the boys helped me create a popcorn garland to go around the tree. It was a super easy project and is a great tradition to start with the family. My youngest, who is 3, was way more interested in eating the popcorn than actually stringing it on the thread, but it was still really fun for us all.



Most of the stockings hanging from the mantle I already had from years past, but I did pick up the two polka dot stockings from Hobby Lobby last week. They were just too cute to pass up and they were on sale. I got them for just $5 a piece. The little white houses I picked up at Target in the Dollar Spot for just $3 each. 


The book page garland was a little DIY project I made one day last week. It was super simple, but I love the extra charm it added to the mantle. I actually created a tutorial for this garland years ago and you can find it here if you are curious about it. 

The kitchen received a little bit of attention as well. The JOY letters are paper mache cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby. I have had them for several years, but you can get them at any craft store for just a couple of dollars a letter and create whatever word or phrase you choose. I added a few little trees on the shelves and counter and a wreath above the range.

For the dining table I took some extra magnolia tree clippings I had left over from the front door garland and placed them in the metal wall buckets. I also placed a few on the table to fill in the extra space. I did wash/rinse all of the branches I brought inside to make sure I didn't also invite inside any creepy insects.

And last but not least I threw a few simple Christmas touches in the boys' room with a little faux Christmas tree on their night stand and two vintage reindeer stuffed animals that belonged to my sister and me when we were little girls. 

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas tour. Be sure to check out these other nine Farmhouse Christmas tours for some more beautiful inspiration.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Meet Louie the Lop

I think the most questions I have received on my Instagram or Facebook are not about our house or the boys, but have been concerning our pet rabbit, Louie. So I finally decided to sit down and write a post about Louie and what life with her has been like. I hope this helps clear up any concerns and gives you all an insight into owning a bunny. I want to make clear that rabbits are not for everyone. Bunnies require just as much work, love, and attention as a dog or cat, and I think that is a common misconception about them. I am going to be brutally honest when I say, they are NOT cage creatures. They need lots of love and affection, as well as plenty of room to run and stretch especially if you want a happy, healthy, and SWEET bunny. If you can not provide all of that for them, then they are not the pet for you and I would suggest something more along the lines of a fish or hamster. Bunnies are the 3rd most abandoned pet, right after dogs and cats, simply because people don't understand the time it takes to care for one. I hate to sound like such a Debbie Downer, I just want everyone to be aware before they jump into getting a bunny just because they are cute.

Sorry for that short rant. I hope I didn't run anyone off. Back to the good stuff. 

Most of y'all know we got our bunny, Louie, back in May. I definitely don't want to sound like an expert, because I am not. This is just simply our experience so far. Louie is a Holland Lop rabbit. We first got Louie when she was around 8 weeks old and we were originally told she was a male. Hence the reason her name is Louie. After a quick visit to the vet for a well check, we found out he was actually a she. Try teaching a 5 and 3 year old that their bunny of 3 months is in fact a Louise and not a Louie. Total confusion. It was just way too hard to change her name, so she has remained a Louie, though I don't think she minds much.

I think we were all a little surprised by how much of a personality she would have. It took her a couple days to warm up to us after we first brought her home, but she's such a big part of our family now. She follows the boys around just like a puppy would. She's always being nosey and getting right up in your business. She loves being sprawled out on the cold concrete floor, playing outside in the grass, and getting into just about everything she shouldn't be in. She and our Pomeranian get along really well too.

Below are the most common questions I have received regarding Louie.

Do you let your bunny just run around the house?
This is the most asked question and the answer is Yes. As long as we are at home Louie is out of her cage and able to roam wherever she pleases. I will admit when we first brought her home, she was able to free range even when we weren't home. However, the little lady got herself into some trouble, and is now only allowed out when we are home. If you aren't aware, bunnies do like to chew, and just like a puppy they will chew on everything! In the beginning, I did my very best to bunny proof our home. I keep the doors on our bedroom and the kids bedroom closed because we have many power cords, wicker baskets, shoes, and linens that she would love to chew on in those spaces. In the other rooms I made sure to pick up any wires and cords that were within her reach and anything else I thought she might chew on. Everything was just fine and dandy until one day we came home from an entire day away and realized she had chewed up a baseboard in the bathroom. Another day trip away and we came back to the corner of the carpet upstairs in the playroom pulled up and devoured.  When left alone, I assume she gets bored and creative. NOT GOOD! Especially when you have a brand new house. So now she does have to be caged up when we have to leave or at night when we go to bed. But when we are home, she does really well, and we don't have much of a chewing problem.

Does she poop and pee all over your floor?
No. Louie is litter box trained. It was actually really easy to litter train her and within a week of having her she was fully trained and accident free. The first week we brought her home I kept her strictly locked up in her cage with her food, water, and litter pan. I filled her litter pan with paper bedding on one side and on the other filled it with her hay. Bunnies typically poop while they are eating, so the hay encouraged her to jump in the pan and eat, and while eating, do her business. I checked her cage multiple times a day during that first week and if she had peed or pooped outside of her litter pan I would clean it up immediately with a paper towel and place the soiled paper towel back in her litter pan. The first four days she had multiple accidents in her cage and I was starting to get concerned that she may not figure it out, but on day five, something just clicked, and she hasn't had a single accident outside of her litter pan since. Her litter pan stays upstairs in her cage and she will return to her cage when she needs to use it. If you are having issues litter training your bunny I would also recommend having your bunny spayed or neutered. This will significantly cut down on their instinct to spray and mark their territory. 

Does she scratch you when you pick her up?
For the most part, no. Bunnies do have sharp claws and it is important to keep them trimmed. I try to clip Louie's nails at least once a month with nail clippers specifically made for bunnies. It's easiest to do when Andy helps hold her, but she doesn't give me much trouble having this done either way. Louie loves to be held, especially when she is cradled like a baby and you scratch her tummy. But bunnies are also very flighty creatures, so Louie will get a bit nervous and spastic sometimes when holding her. This usually occurs when we are putting her down on the ground after holding her. I've found the best way to put her down is by holding her close to my body and then slowly bending down until the other side of her body is resting on the ground before releasing her. This way she feels secure on all sides and is less nervous when you let go. Now for the boys, they aren't much interested in holding her. They would much rather lay down on the ground and let Louie jump all over them. She likes to climb all over them and give them sweet Eskimo kisses, nose to nose. If they do decide they want to hold her, I will swaddle her up in an old baby blanket. That way she feels secure and her nails are safely tucked away, so we don't run any risk of them accidentally getting scratched. 

What does her cage look like?
Andy and I built Louie's cage. I searched the Internet for hours and hours looking for the perfect cage. I wanted something that resembled furniture and would blend in with the room, so that it didn't look just like a rabbit cage sitting in the middle of the room. I found a DIY cage on Pinterest that was made out of a media console from IKEA that I loved. You can find the link for it HERE. However, we don't live near an IKEA and by the time I had paid for shipping it was going to be nearly $250 and I still would have had to get more supplies to finish it out as a bunny hutch. So taking the same idea, Andy and I built one for about $75 instead. I didn't document the process because we were totally winging it, but the idea of it should be fairly easy to figure out and build. 

It has two levels. The bottom level is where her dry food, water bottle, litter pan, and hay loft are. Her little wooden house and blanket are on the upper level which she can access using the ramp.

If we will be gone most of the day I will also put up this X-Pen, I bought off Amazon (HERE), for her so that she can have a little more room to run and play. I keep her area full of toys to keep her occupied. She loves cardboard tubes and boxes. They give her something to chew on and she loves using the bigger ones as tunnels or hideaway holes. 

Does she stink?
No, as long as I keep her cage cleaned out regularly you would never notice she was here. I clean out Louie's cage twice a week, usually on Wednesday and Sunday. I dump her litter pan outside in our compost pile and then spray it with vinegar and wipe it out with a paper towel. The vinegar helps get rid of any lingering odor. I then put new litter back in the pan and place back in her cage.
Using the vacuum I clean out the inside of cage sucking up any food or hair off the floor and then if I need to I will also spray it down with vinegar and wipe dry. Louie, herself, doesn't smell either. Bunnies are like cats, in which they clean themselves, and do not need baths. 

Bunny Essentials:
A cage, dry food, hay, water, litter pan, and fresh veggies.

We love our sweet Louie girl.

I hope this post helped answer the main questions y'all may have about bunnies. If you have any other questions leave them in the comments below and I will update this post with the new questions and the answers. .

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

JORD Wood Watch and GIVEAWAY

 I've never been really big on wearing much jewelry. Don't get me wrong, I totally envy all the cute people wearing all the pretty shiny things.  They seem so majestic, ya know, like a hippie goddess. I don't know though, it all just seems to get in my way throughout the day. It's like when I try to wear them, the necklace gets tangled in my hair, the bracelets clang loudly while I am reaching for a book at the library (okay, maybe I'm not in a library, but SERIOUSLY they are so loud), and the rings are always getting caught on my clothes or cabinet drawer handles, (Hello, didn't you hear about Jimmy Fallon). So I've just opted to be very minimal when it comes to accessorizing an outfit.

However, I did want some kind of staple accessory that I could wear with my daily outfits that was simple, yet would pull together and finish off my look. And for me, a watch seemed like the perfect solution. I just feel like a watch is so sophisticated. You know, it makes me feel more like a grown up. I imagine myself being at the grocery story, with perfect well behaved kids, in my fit workout clothes, hair and makeup all done up, and someone look at my watch and think, Yep, that mom has got her shit together. Okay so that was totally a dream, because none of those will ever coincide in my world, but I'd like to think a watch makes me look a little more pulled together than the hot mess I actually am.

So I was super excited when JORD wood watches reached out to me and wanted to collab on this post and host a giveaway. I just love their classic, yet modern look. They are so different than anything I have seen before. Yall know I am a sucker for natural wood, so I was smitten by their timepieces and all the beautiful colors and textures they come in. The quality is amazing! And BONUS for me, it's super lightweight that most days I even forget I am wearing it. 

I adore the little wooden box that the watch comes in. I am a sucker for cute packaging. From the lovely packaging to the timepiece itself, you can see all the devotion and craftsmanship that is put into each individual piece. The watch I chose is from the Fieldcrest Series and is in the color Zebrawood and Maple. You can find the direct link for it here or browse the entire collection from here.

And now for the goodies! JORD wood watches has been so awesome to giveaway a $75 credit to their shop to one of my readers. Also, just for entering, you will receive a $20 credit to their shop. To enter follow the link provided HERE and be sure to like @woodwatches_com on Instagram. Winner will be picked from a random generator and announced on July 20th. All $20 coupon codes will expire on November 20th. GOOD LUCK!
Wood Watches For Women

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Spring is finally here.....although I don't know why I was so excited and anxious for it to get here because our winter here in the south was fairly mild this year and spring always brings me a nice dose of allergies each year. But despite that little negativity, I still just adore spring. It's one of my favorite times of the year. The warmer weather, the pretty pastels, and all the flowers blooming just gets me all kinds of excited.

This year I was thrilled to join together with 24 other amazing bloggers to bring you the One Room Spring Tour sponsored by the lovely Kathleen HERE at Lindsay Hill Interiors. Each day this week this awesome team has been sharing with you one room of their home all dressed up for Spring. I hope y'all have all found some lovely inspiration this week during these tours.....I know I sure have.

The spring room I and 4 other bloggers will be sharing with you today is our kitchen!

This spring it was all about adding more color to our home. Over the winter my home had become pretty natural and neutral, with lots of white on white, and wood accents. For spring I wanted to really brighten up the house with floral and color. To break up my white dishes, white shelves, and white subway tile, I added pops of pastel pinks and blues. I received these blue plates from my Great Grandmother and I loved adding them to the kitchen as a sweet reminder of her. I also found a bunch of these cute pink and blue mugs and bowls in the clearance section at Target about a month back. It just makes me so happy each time I walk in the kitchen and see these fun, sweet colors.

An easy way to add spring into any home is with a fresh bouquet of flowers. I picked these beautiful tulips up the other day for just a couple of bucks at our local grocery store. They instantly add so much charm to the room.

Spring also means the beginning of laying season for my girls. We have 8 hens and they have been loading our kitchen up with delicious farm fresh eggs in the last couple of weeks.

And nothing says spring more than fresh little babies. Do you spy the babies taking a dip in the sink? We got these two little guys from a friend at Easter and the boys have loved taking care of them and watching them grow. They currently waddle around the yard behind Madden and Knox following them wherever they go. Madden thinks it's so funny that the ducklings "think he is their mommy." Soon they will be big enough to go the big pond with the rest of our ducks, but for now cute dips in the sink will do.

The refrigerator is also decked out in spring art by my boys and a yarn hanging by my friend Aubree. You can find her shop on Etsy HERE

Also, if you are curious the fridge and dishwasher are the GE Artistry Series, you can find them HERE. The stove is a vintage 1940's Magic Chef we salvaged from an old kitchen reno. 

I hope you enjoyed our simple spring kitchen tour. The next stop on the tour is sweet Annie over at Zevy Joy HERE so hop on over to see her lovely space.

If you missed any of the previous tours you can find a complete list and schedule for the week below. Thanks for joining us!