Thursday, October 22, 2015

Basket Wall Hanging

I've been on the hunt for months now to find an old tobacco basket or grain basket. I have been wanting to reconfigure the wall that our dining room table sits on. Right now it just has that green framed chalkboard on it, and though I have really tried to embrace minimalism, I just can't. It just feels too plain....too much blank space, and I just really like stuff. Stuff and junk just make me happy.

 In my head I can imagine a large tobacco basket in the center of that wall with a Magnolia wreath hanging in the center and plate racks on each side displaying some pretty white plates. I hope you can imagine with me. Doesn't it just sound lovely!

However, with all that being said......I have not been able to find a tobacco basket anywhere and this post has nothing to do with my dining room wall. Scatterbrained, I know. Anyways, I was on pinterest yesterday pinning tobacco baskets and farmhouse walls and pinned this image via ThistleWoodFarms

It's the same idea I want to create with the tobacco basket, but this basket was just a regular basket and I happened to have a serving tray that I got from Target that was very similar (though smaller) sitting in front of me on my coffee table. So instantaneously, with no planning at all, I found a wall and put a nail through it.  

The tray I had was too small to hang on my dining room wall, so it would have to hang somewhere else. In our living room I actually already had this dried lavendar wreath hanging in this spot, but I have thought about taking it down several times, because I thought it got a little lost on the wall in the curtains. Adding the basket behind it, I think, just gives it that extra pop and adds so much more dimension. I am absolutely loving it and kind of mad at myself for not doing this idea sooner. 

My search continues for a tobacco basket or something equally amazing for my dining room wall. But for now, this little basket is satisfying my little farmhouse heart.  

What do y'all think? 


Thursday, October 1, 2015


The official start of fall starts in September, but I usually don't start decorating for fall until October. The main reason being because it stays so stupid hot here in Louisiana well into winter that it is hard for me to get motivated so early on. Something about seeing my mums and pumpkins just melt away in this heat makes it less fun.

I do adore October, however. So once it arrives I usually start getting excited about fall and decorating.  October is one of my favorite months and is always a super busy one for us. Along with celebrating Madden's birthday, and usually our anniversary early, and Halloween fun, we always seem to have a slam packed month. Because I love October so much, I tend to go all out with decorating. This year, however, I am trying to be pretty minimal because of all the chaos we already have going on this month and also because of a really exciting event that will be happening in November that I can't wait to share with you guys!

But start the tour..... I purchased all my live pumpkins from Walmart this year for like $3 a piece. I was super impressed to see that Walmart was even carrying the cute "Cinderella" pumpkins this year. Those pumpkins are my absolute favorite and I usually have to drive about 45 minutes out of town to a farm to find them every year. We will still load up the kids this year and take them to that little farm because they love the hayrides and being able to pick their own pumpkin from the patch, but for today I am super pleased with my Walmart pumpkins. I picked up the corn stalks from Lowes along with all my lovely mums.

I put more emphasis on the decor on our back porch since it is the door that most of our guest enter through. Our home sits so far off the road that nobody driving by can see any decor on our front porch and our back porch is the closest entrance for someone when they pull into our driveway so I treat it as my front entrance.

Our patio furniture is from Walker Edison Furniture. We got this set back during summer and I am still loving it just as much. It sits on our screened in porch and is the perfect place to curl up on a cool fall night and watch some football. 

Like I said the fall touches inside are very minimal. And I actually kind of like it. I added some plaid pillows and a few craft pumpkins from Michaels here and there.


So about those plaid pillows........I wanted to make some new pillow covers that would allow me to add a touch of fall without having to buy new throw pillows. After looking at the prices of fabric and determining how many yards I would need to make the pillow covers the price was ridiculous. But when I was in Target this past weekend, I came across this plaid table cloth from Threshold for $18.99 and was smitten. I decided it would make the perfect pillow covers. And guess what! I was able to make 5 pillow covers out of that one tablecloth and had enough scrap pieces to make a dish towel and 8 table napkins. WIN WIN! Now I kind of want to go back and buy another one to actually use as a table cloth, but how cute are my new pillows!

A little masterpiece by my sweet Madden.

Thanks for stopping by! 
XO, Brittany