Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I'm sure yall have already seen this beautiful wallpaper from Anthropologie before. I have been drooling over this pattern for years and lately I have been seeing it pop up more and more in lovely homes on Instagram, which only increased my desire to have it that much more. However, like most things from Anthropologie it did come with a hefty price tag and clearly out of my realistic budget. When I finally decided I could no longer live without it, I could only muster up enough courage to buy just one roll. So I knew I would have to choose one wall to use it on and it would need to be a fairly small wall. 

I finally settled on using it in our tiny (and very bland) powder room. The blue in the pattern coordinated so well with our antique vanity and I thought it would add so much character to the small space. 


To be honest, I have been holding onto this wallpaper for a few months now. I have absolutely no experience with wallpaper. After scouring the internet I didn't find many tutorials for hanging it online and the instructions that came with the packaging were very vague. It was intimidating, to say the least. I actually ended up begging my mother to come help me hang it, because I knew she had some experience with it before. And my mama is AMAZING yall! She came over and by herself had it put up within 30 mins. Apparently she is like a professional wallpaper mama and all her secret Wonder Woman talents. 

After she finished hanging it up in the powder room I still had quite a bit left on the roll so we went ahead and put it in my laundry room too. It completely transformed both of these spaces. Doing the laundry doesn't feel like such a chore anymore, because the room is just so darn cheery! 

 I also still have enough left on the roll to put some in our camper.....which I am totally doing! I'm kind of obsessed now. I want to wallpaper my entire house, because have you seen Jessica Wasserman's house! It's to die for!


  1. Love it! And now I want some. It goes so good with the door in your laundry room. Another idea for it would be to cover a wooden box with it. Even just one side and use it to store things. Or put as a backdrop on a shelf or hutch. Or cover the drawer on an end table. Just a little pop of pattern! So cute!

    1. I love all those ideas! I wish I had a hutch or something because I would totally cover the back with it. I have also seen where people put it on the front of drawers on a painted dresser and that was really cute. To find Jessica you should be able to click on her name in the post and it should link you to her page. If that doesn't work though you can find her on instagram @jesswasserman You won't be disappointed.

  2. P.s. How do I find Jessica's house?

  3. Oh my gosh Brittany this looks incredible!! I'm in love with how it transforms such a little space, it's absolutely stunning. Love this post!


  4. Wow! You sounded just like me! I to have been holding onto that wallpaper for several months afraid to mess it up because it was so expensive and I also am going to use it on an accent wall! Thanks for sharing and your mom did a great job - looks so pretty!

  5. I love it! Would love this in my daughters room. Would you please share your laundry room door color with me?? So pretty!

  6. I LOVE the wallpaper- It's perfect in the small space!!!

  7. Wow! What a difference that paper has made! Looks beautiful!

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