Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bunny Garland and Goals

I made myself a new years resolution to get this blog started again. (Please don't view my previous's sad how long I have been away. I mean that 29 week old baby in my belly is now a 1 year old) Since it is now April I figured it is probably a good time to make good on my resolution. And since I rarely just jump head first into anything, I will just test the waters with my toes and start out with this sweet little bunny garland I made for Easter.

Decorating for holidays is one of my favorite things to do! If I could get away with leaving my Christmas tree and lights up all year you can bet I would do it. It's just so fun and festive and takes me back to my childhood. And I really hope my kids feel the same excitement and joy.

However with all that being said, I have been totally preoccupied with crafting for Knox's birthday party that I haven't done any decorating or fun crafts with the kids since Christmas. With Knox's party finally out of the way and me just sitting here this week with not a thing to do, it brought about this simple little bunny garland. I didn't want to go all out with Easter decor since I only have a week left to use it but I think this garland added just enough festiveness to the house.

-pompoms or cottonballs
-twine, string. yarn

For the first step I printed off a bunny template I found on google. I just typed bunny silhouette in the search bar and found one I liked. I printed the bunny off on a piece of white paper and then cut it out to use as a stencil. You could also just print the image straight onto the cardstock or draw your own stencil. Next I traced the bunny stencil onto the cardstock and then cut out each bunny. Once all the bunnies were cut out I let Madden glue on their little bunny tails using white pompoms from the craft store. I then cut a piece of twine to the length I wanted, evenly spaced out the bunnies, and taped them to the string. Easy peasy! 

I just love how it came out!

I also used the same instructions for this bunny garland over my mantle. I  just used a different bunny template.

My goal for this year is to post once a week. Lets see how long I can make it last. If it's any consolation I have held true to my other new years resolution of eating healthier. I have about a week left on my whole30 Paleo challenge and I will be updating soon with my results and feelings. 

xoxo, Brittany


  1. I just read through a bunch of your posts! So fun! You make me want to start my blog up again.. Haven't touched it since LONG before being married or having kids! Gasp! Btw - this is nancy (mrsbrizzy)!

  2. You have a blog!?! And I'm not listening to you I'm reading your last posts;)