Wednesday, July 13, 2016

JORD Wood Watch and GIVEAWAY

 I've never been really big on wearing much jewelry. Don't get me wrong, I totally envy all the cute people wearing all the pretty shiny things.  They seem so majestic, ya know, like a hippie goddess. I don't know though, it all just seems to get in my way throughout the day. It's like when I try to wear them, the necklace gets tangled in my hair, the bracelets clang loudly while I am reaching for a book at the library (okay, maybe I'm not in a library, but SERIOUSLY they are so loud), and the rings are always getting caught on my clothes or cabinet drawer handles, (Hello, didn't you hear about Jimmy Fallon). So I've just opted to be very minimal when it comes to accessorizing an outfit.

However, I did want some kind of staple accessory that I could wear with my daily outfits that was simple, yet would pull together and finish off my look. And for me, a watch seemed like the perfect solution. I just feel like a watch is so sophisticated. You know, it makes me feel more like a grown up. I imagine myself being at the grocery story, with perfect well behaved kids, in my fit workout clothes, hair and makeup all done up, and someone look at my watch and think, Yep, that mom has got her shit together. Okay so that was totally a dream, because none of those will ever coincide in my world, but I'd like to think a watch makes me look a little more pulled together than the hot mess I actually am.

So I was super excited when JORD wood watches reached out to me and wanted to collab on this post and host a giveaway. I just love their classic, yet modern look. They are so different than anything I have seen before. Yall know I am a sucker for natural wood, so I was smitten by their timepieces and all the beautiful colors and textures they come in. The quality is amazing! And BONUS for me, it's super lightweight that most days I even forget I am wearing it. 

I adore the little wooden box that the watch comes in. I am a sucker for cute packaging. From the lovely packaging to the timepiece itself, you can see all the devotion and craftsmanship that is put into each individual piece. The watch I chose is from the Fieldcrest Series and is in the color Zebrawood and Maple. You can find the direct link for it here or browse the entire collection from here.

And now for the goodies! JORD wood watches has been so awesome to giveaway a $75 credit to their shop to one of my readers. Also, just for entering, you will receive a $20 credit to their shop. To enter follow the link provided HERE and be sure to like @woodwatches_com on Instagram. Winner will be picked from a random generator and announced on July 20th. All $20 coupon codes will expire on November 20th. GOOD LUCK!
Wood Watches For Women


  1. I love these so much I keep ordering different styles and colors and have doubled up on the basic colors like gray and black. I've been using the alo yoga for workouts, lounging around, and even wearing to work.

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